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Floating Markets

The floating markets are a very lively scene, accommodating much of the goods exchange throughout the area. The canal system around Can Tho is a fascinating travel network, much more relaxing than the bustling roads. Longer tours on a private boat to the floating markets usually include traveling through the canals as well. Make sure the boat you book is a small boat that can take you through the small canals that the larger tour boats cannot navigate. You can rent a boat yourself from the "boat ladies" at the Ninh Kiều pier or from local tour agents of the hotel . It could be bargained down and the price also depends on the quality and state of the boat. Make sure that the boat has a shade, so you do not sit in the sun for too long as well as life-jackets for safety.There are 2 big floating markets near by :

  • Cai Rang] (Cái Răng) floating market is the main wholesale floating market near Can Tho. Go there early in the morning (as early as 5:30am).
  • Phong Dien (Phong Điền) is further upstream the Can Tho river, and worth seeing as it is a retail market. Make sure you present there when It is very active at dawn, around 5h30-but slows down early too, so you may want to go there by land. Phung Hiep (Phụng Hiệp) is much farther away, in the neighboring Hậu Giang province, but deserves a trip if you are going to stay more than a few days, as it is always bustling with activity. There are cruises offered to this destination. If you travel by boat , you have to start at 4h00 am from the pier !!.
The Khmer Pagoda

The Khmer Pagoda of Munirangsyaram, Hoà Bình street.

Located in a beautiful site of Ninh Kieu quay, facing the Can Tho river, Ong Pagoda is one of the most important religious sites of Chinese community in Can Tho. It is built in the late 19th century to worship Kuang Kung, a deity symbolising loyalty, justice, reason, intelligence, honour and courage among other merits.

Bin Thuy House

Binh Thuy

Binh Thuy ancient house was built in 1870 with French style in architecture but still retains the traditional features of Southern style. This is the private property of Duong’s family, it however has been acknowledged as a valuable construction of the city and nation for its architectural and historical values.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is one of the famous stork sanctuaries in Mekong Delta, Bang Lang stork sanctuary has attracted thousands of stork and other kinds of birds to make nets and live here. Admission: 20.000 VND/person and Visit time: ideally 6-7am or 5-6pm . There are 2 ways to go there:

  • Make a whole trip to Bang Lang stork sanctuary by motorbike.
  • Make a trip to Thot Not district by car (45km), then hire boats or motorbikes to go to the sanctuary.


  • From Can Tho to Chau Doc : 120 km
  • From Can Tho to Soc Trang : 60 km
  • From Can Tho to Rach Gia : 130 km
  • From  Can Tho to Saigon : 170 km
  • From Can Tho to Vinh Long : 35 km
  • From Can Tho to Camau : 180 km
  • From Can Tho to Bac Lieu : 120 km
  • From Can Tho to Ha Tien : 212 km
  • From Can Tho to Phu Quoc Island :
  • By Car + Ferry : travel to Rach Gia then get-on a ferry (3hours)to Phu Quoc
  • Travel to Can Tho Airport , fly 45 minutes only.